The Need of Staying Away from Your Phone While Travelling

Look up and don’t miss out the beautiful things around you!

I confess, mobile phone is regarded as the most essential item that I have to bring with me when I go out. I can go out without my wallet, my keys, my credit card and a long list of items you considered “essential” which add 10kg to your bag, but going out without the phone just makes me feel insecure.

However when it comes to travelling, I believe in less is more.

I am not saying you should leave all your personal belongings behind when you go travel, but all I ask is to stay away from your phone when you are enjoying your trip, if you truly want to ENJOY. Here are the things from your phone that are going to disturb the beautiful time you spend in a foreign city.

  1. Facebook, Instagram or Any Other Social Media Platform

The reason is damn simple; you begin your journey of peeking into others’ life once you’ve started scrolling your phone for Facebook. Don’t tell me you are just gonna update what you were doing at that special moment and creating memories with Instagram. All you can remember when you look back was how desperate you were trying to take a nice selfie with the food and the first 89 photos were just not right and you got it on the 90th try.

Plus, I admitted Facebook and Instagram are addictive that you will keep on scrolling once you’ve started it. So you might as well not to start it.

  1. Google Map

I know you think using Google Map is very legit when travelling; because you may wonder how are you gonna get to your destination without the map. But in fact you do, just not with Google Map. I don’t hate Google Map and in fact, I love it. It is so convenient and guides me through the right way every time without leaving me wander around the same place for an hour. And with the GPS in the phone, you will never get lost no matter how stupid you are. However, I have to say a BIG NO to Google Map when I am travelling.

Think about what do you look at the most when you are using Google Map; it’s the Google Map, street name and shop number. You don’t have the urge to look at any other stuff when you are “finding the right way”, as if you were given a tight time limit to get to the destination. While in fact, you have all the time in the world to relax and enjoy the cool things along the way. All you care about is whether you are “on the right path”.

You may argue that using the real map may also have the same effect, but when you are holding a real map, some nice local people may come and show you the way. That’s a great chance to meet new friends in your journey! You don’t need to follow the exact same route that the GPS has shown you but take the path that looks more interesting to you.

  1. Whatsapp, Line or Any Other App for Chatting

I understand people who want to text their friends during their trip probably want to share interesting things happened in the journey, but why not saving it till you are back and have a nice long chat with your besties in a cozy bar? You’ve got plenty of time to do your talking and believe me, funny things are gonna sound much funnier when you tell them in person than in an online chat app! The more time you spent talking with your friends online, the less time you have to experience something new and exciting, so I am sure you know what to do when you want to text your friends during your trip next time.

Keep the phone in your bag and look up when you’re travelling next time!

One thought on “The Need of Staying Away from Your Phone While Travelling

  1. Ah – loved this post as I whole heartedly agree!! I think google maps are removing our ability to logically think through solutions – reading a map is a skill that involves logic. And if that fails you never know who you might meet when you ask for directions!

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